Tips for Sellers & Buyers to Avoid Fraud

While most transactions between buyers and sellers happen without incident, fraudulent activities do happen. Here are some tips to help sellers and buyers avoid fraud:

  • If it sounds too good to be true, it may be. So if you sense that something is out of line, stop, check and verify as much information as possible before sending any money.
  • If you don’t know the buyer or seller, stop and gather information about them by placing calls or searching for information about them on the internet.
  • If the other party says something must be done immediately, or if there is extreme urgency expressed by the other party, stop and investigate to ensure the deal is legitimate.
  • Beware of anyone claiming to be from “Locator” or an agent of “Locator” asking you to send money for a special listing – usually money in advance.  Write down this person’s name and number and call your representative here at Lancaster Farming Locator to verify that the proposal is a legitimate deal and that they are a member of our team 717-721-4449 or (800)LOCATOR or write to
  • Be cautious of a call (or email contact) from a “buyer” who says that for a fee they can broker a sale.  This is often a sign of a scam and should be investigated before proceeding. These folks will often ask for upfront money. 
  • Beware if the buyer says they will send you an amount over the asking price and asks you to refund or rebate the difference.  This is almost always a scam.
  • Remember, the Locator in our name is spelled with two Os, so beware of anyone claiming to be from the site or an agent of the site that spells their name with an E, as in “Locater.”

Also, please note that Lancaster Farming Locator uses and no other variation as our corporate URL or website address. If you have questions about user names and passwords, call or email your Lancaster Farming Locator representative. We are in the business of helping others offer their products through advertising and have no knowledge or part in their pricing, policies, warranties, or guarantees. There is no affiliation with any other party on this site.

Our representatives have been working closely with many of the sellers on this site – with some for decades – and we value our relationships.  We do not want you to be the victim of fraud and we will act responsibly in trying to prevent it, but ultimately you need to protect yourself.  We will continue to work hard building relationships with buyers and sellers who use this site to exchange goods and services.  Please report any suspected fraudulent activity to us immediately by emailing

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