Compaction equipment is your go-to when you need to reduce the volume of waste material or soil, by compressing and compacting different types of resources on a construction site. Because there are a variety of machines that serve different purposes, compactors have found their place in all types of construction activities and tasks. Your compactor machine will compress loose soil, rocks, landfill debris, road surfaces and many other materials.

Types of Compactors

  • Wheeled Compactor; compact landfill debris and loose top soil to prepare the soil surface for asphalt rock or concrete

  • Vibrating Road Roller; compact soil or smooth out asphalt and make it flat

  • Plate Compactor; compact base rock under surfaces that are paved with stone or asphalt, compact bricks to level surfaces and make them suitable for pedestrians and vehicles

    • Single-Plate; smaller asphalt jobs

    • Reversible Plate; sub base or deeper depth compaction

    • High Performance/Heavy-Duty Plate Compactor; sub base or deeper depth compaction

  • Tamper; light compaction, compressing small irrigation canals and trenches, executing landscaping compaction or preparing soil for laying stones to make walkways

Safety Tips – Avoid Rollovers

  • Inspect the machine before use; before starting work, ensure your compactor is equipped with both ROPS and seat belts. If you notice the seat belts are damaged or not the correct size, you should request that they be replaced before you begin using the machine.

  • Wear a hard hat and your seat belt; should your machine tip over, a hard hat will provide protection if your head strikes a hard surface inside or outside the cab. To reduce injury during a rollover, pull your knees and elbows close to your body, holding on firmly while leaning away from the impact. Never attempt to jump from the machine. Doing so will significantly increase your risk of being crushed by the ROPS.

  • Watch your edges; if you’re working on an angle, situate the compactor so your seat is parallel to the edge of the slope. This will allow for continuous visibility with the foremost edge of the slope to make sure you don’t get close enough to allow the roller or wheels to slip off the flat surface onto the embankment. Should you get too close to the edge – stop your machine, activate the parking brake and remove yourself from the machine to assess your next move.

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Compactor Manufacturers

  • Bomag

  • CASE

  • CAT

  • Doosan

  • Ferguson

  • Hamm

  • Honda

  • Hyundai

  • Ingersoll Rand

  • JCB

  • Komatsu

  • Massey Ferguson

  • Sakai

  • Stone

  • Terex

  • Toro

  • Volvo

  • Wacker Neuson

  • Weber

  • XCMG


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