Loader Backhoes

Whether you’re loading and hauling equipment, digging, or busting asphalt, the backhoe loader is more than capable. Backhoe loaders are the staple piece of equipment in the construction industry that are designed with you in mind, ready to get straight to work. Delivering the power needed to operate in areas where larger equipment is unable, the backhoe loader improves construction productivity and lowers your machine operating costs.

Use of Backhoe Loaders                                                                                                    

  • Breaking Asphalt and Paving

  • Demolitions and Excavations

  • Digging Holes

  • General Construction

  • Landscaping

  • Power Building Equipment

  • Transportation of Building Materials

  • Other Uses…

Backhoe Loader Attachments

  • Auger

  • Buckets

    • Broom; Agriculture, Construction, Industrial, Landscaping, Public Works

    • Cemetery; Grave Digging

    • Cribbing; Railroad

    • Frost; Agriculture, Construction, Railroad, Road Construction

    • General Purpose; Agriculture, Construction, Road Construction

    • High Capacity and Sand; Agriculture, Construction, Digging

    • High Tip; Agriculture, Construction, Road Construction

    • Leveling; Construction, Road Construction

    • Pavement Removal; Construction, Road Construction

    • Rock; Agriculture, Construction, Road Construction

    • Trenching; Agriculture, Construction, Railroad, Road Construction

    • V Ditching; Construction, Road Construction

  • Farm Fork and Grapple

  • Hydraulic Breaker

  • Loader Buckets

  • Pallet Forks

  • Quick Attach

  • Snow Plow

Tips to Maintain Efficiency of Backhoe Loaders

  • Inspect the machine before use

    • A daily check of the machine can keep it in top notch condition. Typically, your machine/manufacturer’s kit will provide you with a daily checklist. A few areas to be sure to inspect: the front and back of the machine, under the machine and within the inside. At the front of the machine, check the cutting edge to see if it is eroding. On the back of the machine, check the broom and stick for any signs of damage. Check under the machine for signs of leakage. Make sure you’re also checking the engine compartment to make sure the air filter is working properly and that the coolant and windshield water container levels are sufficient.

  • Greasing

    • Examine all parts of the machine to ensure proper greasing. The maintenance person should have adequate knowledge of all areas that need consistent greasing. Though it may cost a little more, high quality grease will deliver elongating benefits.

  • Tire maintenance

    • It’s important to never neglect your tire maintenance schedule. Regularly inspect to see if tires are flat and if they have cuts. Appropriate tire pressure is essential to a longer tire life.

  • Clean Oil

    • Because the backhoe typically operates in dusty conditions, it is significant to ensure the oil in the system remains clean. Clean oil is critical for extended transmission and engine life, as well as proper health of hydraulic systems. Be sure not to mix any two oils during the process.

Winter Storage Preparation Tips

  • Thoroughly clean the machine and engine compartment of grease and debris

  • Lubricate the excavator as needed

  • Lightly grease any exposed cylinder rods

  • Inspect cutting edges and teeth on bucket for wear or damage

  • Check hoses for nicks, cuts and patches; replace as needed

  • Identify workgroup bushings that need repaired

  • Check the condition of the seals and bushings on the pivot points

  • Check engine accessory belt(s) for wear

  • Check engine oils, coolant, fuel and hydraulic levels

  • Disconnect the battery and store in a cool, dry place above 32 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Inspect hoses fittings and hardware on attachments

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Common Manufacturers

  • Bharat Earth Movers Limited

  • Case Construction

  • Caterpillar Inc.

  • John Deere

  • Fiat

  • Ford

  • Hitachi

  • Hydrema

  • JCB

  • Komatsu

  • LiuGong

  • Mahindra

  • New Holland

  • Terex

  • VF Venieri

  • Volvo


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