Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages to signing up for an account on

We have different types of accounts on LOCATOR including options for becoming a Seller or a Buyer – it’s easy to register. Signing up as a buyer gives you access to added features like WATCHLIST where you can tag an item to see if price, etc. changes; or Customize a SEARCH ALERT which will alert you when an item matching your request hits on the site; our COMPARE feature lets you view similar pieces side by side for price, hours, mileage, etc. For sellers we offer bulk uploads from csv and zip files and a variety of plans to suit your needs.


Are there advantages to being a print advertiser?

If you are a current print advertiser in Lancaster Farming there are specific programs we can tie right to your print account. Plus, you get access to our 60,000 plus weekly distribution and over 160,000 readers with an ad in print along with the online exposure offered through LOCATOR.


At Login…the site is asking for my email address. Why?

Email addresses are used to set your profile and also inform you of any updates in the system or correspondence from a party interested in your product(s) and service(s).  Your email address stays with us and we do not share or sell that with third parties. Soon, we will have a newsletter that will be sent out on a regular basis displaying real time information on the site (from which you can unsubscribe at any time).


Does Lancaster Farming Locator take a commission or percentage with each sale of an item?

Lancaster Farming Locator does not take a commission or percentage of a sale. The final sale and agreement on the sale takes place solely between the seller and the buyer. See our Terms of Use link at the bottom of each page for more detail.


I can’t remember my PASSWORD can you help?

Sure, just go to the Register/Login page where there is a link to “Forgot Your Password?” link – simply enter your email address and click SEND.  You’ll receive an email in a few minutes that details how to change your password.


How does LOCATOR charge my account?

LOCATOR works in conjunction with Lancaster Farming weekly print edition - so if you are a print advertiser with approved credit any charges will appear on your monthly print invoice.

If you are a digital only subscriber, we have plans that run in 30 day increments and auto renew. Your credit card on file will be charged safely and securely at the beginning of the next billing cycle.


How do I list a piece of equipment I have for sale?

If you are already a member of Lancaster Farming Locator, you simply login, and go to the Dashboard under My Account. Select the option Add An Item/Auction, and follow the step-by-step instructions. If you aren’t already a member, we have a variety of plans and options available for sellers of equipment designed to best fit your needs, from one piece up to an unlimited inventory option. There may also be discounts available if you are a current print advertiser.  Go to the top of any page and click on Become a Seller and walk through the steps.  It’s best to have your copy and a photo(s) available on your computer when you log in so the steps will go faster. 


I need more information on the Uploading and Downloading of files.

After signing up to be a Seller, and you have chosen your plan…Go to MY DASHBOARD and see the options available on the left side of the screen under ‘Seller Profile’. Options are:

‘Add an Item/Auction’ allows you to add pieces of equipment with photos and video manually one at a time (this may be for smaller dealers or individuals selling a small amount).

‘Download Bulk Inventory’ allows you to get a spreadsheet from our LOCATOR site onto your computer so you are able to see a complete listing of all your Locator inventory.  If you have additional units you want to add – simply add to those to the file, and delete any items you may have sold, save it and you are ready to upload back on the site for an instant update on Locator.

Add Bulk Inventory – a great option for larger dealers or folks who have their inventory in a spreadsheet or an inventory system that allows you to “Save to Excel or to CSV”. Follow instructions on the page to upload your inventory .csv file (a save option from Excel). 

Photos and videos may also be uploaded from a separate file through this same screen.  These must be in a zip file format.

Call or write for more information on how to work through the bulk upload/download process. 717-721-4450 or


What’s the best way to search for equipment on LOCATOR?

Our LOCATOR site makes it easy and intuitive.

  1. Use the search bar (under our Locator logo) for a live search with results displayed below your search as you type.
  2. Choose a main category to search from “Farm Equipment, Construction, Vehicles, Misc. Equipment, Auctions” along the top and see our list of rotating feature items. Or scroll down to see other inventory in that category.
  3. Go to a Sub Category under one of the main headers and search for everything from Tractors, to Trailers, Combines and more.
  4. Click on ADVANCED SEARCH OPTIONS or “Narrow Your Search” on any page and type in your search criteria from Make and Model, to Zip Code Radius, Price Range and more and narrow your search down to only the specific items you want to see. 


I saved a piece of equipment on my Watchlist but now it is gone. What happened?

We’re sorry to hear that – the most likely scenario is that the item has sold.  Listings are available to anyone and things can sell fast. Take a look through the site for similar items and add them to your watch list – and if interested - act fast by contacting the seller.


I am searching for a specific make/model/year. Can I set up an email alert if a product I am interested in becomes available?

Absolutely! When you log in – go to your profile/my account page and hit Search Alert. You can type in the information on Make/Model,etc. and we’ll send an email alert when something matching that product populates the site. 


I don’t like my current website – or – I don’t have a website…Can you help?

Yes.  We offer microsites where you can upload individual pieces of inventory or bulk upload dozens of pieces. Everything will then automatically upload to the main Locator site. These are fully functional websites that can detail your full inventory, contact information, directions, hours of operation and more. Contact us at 717-394-3047 or for more information.


How can I renew or sign up for a print subscription of Lancaster Farming?

It’s easy to get your copy of Lancaster Farming print edition renewed or to start a new one.  Simply click here to go to our newspapers website and chose a plan that’s right for you! 


How can I get the Lancaster Farming online edition?

You can visit us at to view articles and information not available on the Locator site – or click here to link to the online paper.  


How do I get access to Mailbox Market ads?

Mailbox Markets ads are an extremely popular classified section of our print product Lancaster Farming. Take a look through a print edition and review the thousands of items available each week. You can get two free listings each month with your subscription – sign up today.


How can my equipment be listed as a feature all the time on a landing page?

There are rotating featured “sliders” on the home page that are paid ads and available on a limited first-come-first-served basis. Contact our sales team for more information 717-394-3047. 

Under the rotating slider ads there is a “Featured Inventory” section.  Depending on the plan you select you can chose up to 3 pieces of inventory that will rotate into these spots. We cannot guarantee that your piece of equipment will lock into a featured spot.

In general, buyers interested in a particular piece are likely to search for Case, Deere, Ford etc. in the search criteria which will then get your piece of equipment in front of a buyer.  We strongly suggest you provide complete info on the piece with good info and quality photos – and price it right for best results.  


Why do I have to log back in every time I visit?

The login enables the system to recognize you and your specific account with your current preferences and contact information. This also provides an extra layer of security for your business and our site. Remember to click the “Remember Me” button when you log in for the first time for a quicker login.


I found something on the website that is not functioning the way it should?

Please send our sales and support team and we will address it as soon as possible – send email to:


How do I get in touch with folks at LOCATOR?

Phone Number 
(717) 394-3047

Email Address
Send a detailed message to

Mailing Address
Lancaster Farming Locator

25 W. Main St.

Ephrata, PA 17522