Chemical Applicators

Choosing the equipment you use to apply pesticides is just as important as the pesticides you choose. There are varieties of application equipment to choose from; many obstacles such as drifting, irregular coverage, failure to reach the target, etc. are due to the equipment. Agricultural application equipment is technically advanced these days, with many capabilities to guarantee the precise amount of the right pesticide is applied in the exact part of the field.

Types of Chemical Applicators

-          Fertilizer Applicators

o   Ensures an even spread to make sure the correct amount of fertilizer is applied.

-          Floaters

o   Floaters are constructed to handle the tough demands of fluctuating terrain, while precisely applying the fertilizer and chemicals.

-          Sprayers

o   Sprayers provide a consistent, accurate application across all ground, throughout any season.

When choosing your chemical application equipment, be sure to ask:

-          Will it apply the pesticide efficiently?

-          Will the application cause extreme drift?

-          Will it get the job done at a rational cost?

-          Is it easy to maneuver and clean?

Equipment Maintenance Tips

It’s important to take the time to maintain application equipment. In doing so, you will notice a positive influence on economic savings. Maintaining equipment can also reduce injuries to people and protect the environment from excess applications.

-          Regularly check tire wear, brakes, and lights

-          Inspect hoses, fittings, couplings, etc. prior to application

-          For liquid fertilizers, check pump regularly for wear

-          Ensure hoses and pipes are cleaned and free of clogs, kinks, and leaks

-          Examine spinners and gate openings at each application site


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-          Fertilizer Applicators

o   Acma

o   Agrex

o   Agrional

o   Agrolead

o   Agri-Spread

o   Altec

o   Amazone

o   APV

o   Badilli

o   Case IH

o   Cavallo

o   Cleris

o   Cosmo

o   Damax

o   Enorossi

o   Farm King

o   Fertec

o   Great Plains

o   Hagie

o   Hustler

o   John Deere

o   Kuhn

o   Salford

o   Sola

o   Stara

o   Sulky

o   Vervaet

-      Floaters

o   Ag-Chem

o   Aggressor

o   Airmax

o   Big Wheels

o   Bobcat

o   Case IH

o   CAT

o   Challenger

o   Field Gymmy

o   Force Unltd.

o   Genie

o   JLG

o   John Deere

o   Komatsu

o   Kubota

o   Linco Precision

o   Loral

o   Mertz

o   Miller

o   New Leader

o   Precision Tank & Equipment

-          Sprayers

o   Ag-Chem

o   AGCO

o   Buhler-Versatile

o   Case IH

o   GVM

o   Hagie

o   Hardi

o   John Deere

o   Kuhn

o   Miller Pro

o   New Holland

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