Manure Equipment

Spreaders are the best way to fertilize a large field or pasture. The spreaders will enable you to spread an even layer on your field, eliminated the hassle of having to manually spread it. Whether you’re spreading manure or lime, there are a variety of spreaders available to meet your needs.

Manure Spreader Types

  • Side Discharge Spreaders

    • Provides exceptional material breakup and has a widespread pattern, and the finest and thinnest application of wet manure. Accurately spreads wet and sloppy materials, making it a great option for when manure is too solid for a tanker, but too smooth for a box spreader.

  • Box Spreaders with Vertical Beaters

    • If you’re looking to take complete advantage of the nutrient value of manure, this is the ideal option for you. This spreader provides a great spread pattern with outstanding breakup of materials and a fast unloading time.

  • Box Spreaders with Horizontal Beaters

    • Has a fairly low power requirement and is easy to operate, making it a great choice for a basic manure spreader. This machine is also ideal for producers who have long fields and want to spread a load of manure the full length of the field. The spread pattern of this machine is quite narrow and covers just the girth of the spreader to the outside of the tire tracks.

  • Box Spreaders with Spinner Beaters

    • This machine gives producers the capability to efficiently apply even the most nutrient-dense materials, such as poultry litter. If used with the horizontal beater, this combination can break up any clumps of material and spread up to 60-feet wide in an even spread pattern.

Equipment Maintenance Tips

  • Every 8 hours of use

    • Grease all bearings – replace any that are worn or in bad condition; make sure all take grease

    • Grease drivelines and make sure PTO telescopes freely

  • Daily

    • Check for any worn drive chains, sprockets or drive belts; replace as necessary.

    • Make sure all chain tighteners are functioning

    • Replace any missing or worn shields

    • Inspect and replace any worn or damaged hydraulic hoses

  • Weekly

    • Inspect apron chains and adjust to correct slack

    • Replace any bent apron slats

    • Check hammers for wear and adjust lower shroud as needed. Replace hammers if there is excessive wear.

  • Monthly

    • Inspect oil levels in all gearboxes

    • Check tire pressures

    • Inspect and replace any worn or damaged parts

    • Check the truck-mount hydrostatic system for leaks or damaged hoses; repair as needed


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Common Spreader Manufacturers

  • Case IH

  • Chandler

  • H&S

  • Hedlund

  • John Deere

  • Lanco

  • KUHN North America

  • Massey Ferguson

  • Meyer

  • Mill Creek

  • New Idea - Agco

  • New Holland

  • Pik Rite


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