Riding Mowers

Riding Mowers

Your lawn mower is probably the most frequently used piece of outdoor equipment that you own. If you have a large lawn, a riding mower is your best option; it will significantly cut down the amount of time it takes you to mow your lawn. A riding mower also gives you more options when it comes to attachments and different features that can make yard work or other outdoor activities more convenient.


  • Aerators

  • Baggers

  • Box Scrapers

  • Dethatchers

  • Dozer Blades & Plows

  • Dump Carts

  • Lawn Sweepers

  • Lifts, Jacks & Ramps

  • Rollers

  • Snow Attachments

  • Sprayers

  • Spreaders

  • Tillers

Maintenance Tips

  • Always have a clean air filter in place; clean or change every 25 hours of engine operation or once per mowing season

  • Check and change the oil regularly; check the condition and level or oil every 8 hours of use, change the oil every 50 hours of use

  • Use a clean fuel filter; cleaning not recommended due to delicacy. Replace as necessary

  • Check tire pressure; periodically use a tire pressure gauge to ensure consistent tire pressure

  • Degrease; spray a degreaser on oil stains, let sit for 10-15 minutes before wiping clean

  • Pick up a tune-up kit; essentials such as air filters, spark plugs, oil, etc. will provide convenience as needed

  • Add fuel stabilizer to fresh fuel; will keep fuel fresh longer

  • Check and replace blade as needed; look for bends, dents and other damage to the blade

  • Winterize your lawn mower; clean the fuel cap at the end of the mowing season, replace the spark plug, spray lubricant on any bare metal undercarriage parts to prevent rusting, check the mower owner’s manual for the recommended way to replace oil

Cutting Tips

Keep your lawn looking great. Follow these few tips for a well-manicured lawn:

  • If the grass is wet, avoid cutting it; wet grass clogs the lawn mower, leaves clumps of wet grass laying around the yard and doesn’t cut easily

  • Set the cutting height to at least 1 ½”; taller grass holds better moisture, allows the root system to grab onto the soil more easily

  • Avoid mowing in the same direction every time you cut the lawn; this prevents ruts from forming in your lawn, while allowing the grass to grow thicker

  • Use a grass catcher for your first and last cut of the season; to reduce yard waste and add nutrients to your lawn, utilize the mulching feature the rest of the cuts.

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  • Ariens

  • Briggs & Stratton

  • Clipper

  • Craftsman

  • Cub Cadet

  • Dixon

  • Grasshopper

  • Huskee

  • Honda

  • Husqvarna

  • John Deere

  • Kubota

  • Lawn-Boy

  • Maruyana

  • MTD Pro

  • Murray

  • Poulan Pro

  • Ranch King

  • Scag

  • Snapper

  • Toro

  • Troy Bilt

  • White Outdoor

  • Yard-Man

  • Yazoo Keys


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