Stand On

Stand-on mowers are just one of the many types that exist amongst the mower world. As for whether or not it’s the right addition to your fleet, depends on the type of properties you maintain. The stand-on mower is geared more towards landscapers who have smaller, highly landscaped properties to uphold. With its ability to maneuver around in tighter areas, standing mowers allow for a more accurate trim.

Benefits of Standing Mowers

  • Stand-on mowers have a lower center of gravity which makes them easier to operate in certain conditions, such as on a hilly or sloped property.

  • With properties that require a lot of quick sharp turns, stand-on mowers are most ideal because of their maneuverability. Examples of these properties include: residential yards, cemeteries, etc.

  • Their small footprint allows for easy transportation and more effective use of trailer and storage space.

  • Because the operator is standing and looking down on the job, he has better visibility of what lies ahead.

  • Being able to step off the mower can provide more convenience for the operator, as he can easily step down to clear anything that may be in his path.

Tips for Operating on a Slope

  • Be aware of the limitations for what degree of slopes can be safely mowed

  • Do not go beyond your comfort level when deciding from what angle to approach a slope to mow

  • Avoid mowing in an up or down pattern; travel across the grade of the slope whenever possible

  • Reduce speed on slopes

  • When changing your directions on slopes, be especially careful

  • When pointing up a slope, lean as forward as possible to distribute your weight to the front of the mower and gently accelerate

  • When pointing down a slope, lean back with arms stretched out straight while holding onto the handlebar to transfer your weight to the rear drive wheels for more traction

  • When crossing a slope sideways, lean back to add weight to the rear drive wheels. This will allow you to mow more rapidly across the slope without sliding.

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