Loader Arms

When you think of construction equipment, loaders are what typically come to mind. A loader is a type of tractor used in construction to scoop up loose material from the ground, such as dirt, sand or gravel, and move it from one place to another without pushing it across the ground.  In construction zones, loaders can also be used to transport building materials such as bricks, pipe, metal bars, and digging tools, over short distance. A loader is not the most efficient machine for digging as it cannot dig very deep below the level of its wheels. Unlike excavators, most loaders use wheels rather than tracks.

Types of Loaders

  • Mini Loaders

    • Great for construction and landscaping business. Mini loaders are easy to transport and time efficient.

    • Attachments

      • Backhoe

      • Mini 6-in-1 Combination Bucket

      • Mini 6-Way Dozer Blade

      • Mini Earth Auger

      • Mini Grapple Rod Bucket

      • Mini Heavy Duty Rotary Brush Mower

      • Mini Hydraulic Breaker

      • Mini Industrial Grapple Rake

      • Mini Low Profile Material Bucket

      • Mini Pallet Forks

      • Mini Pick-Up Broom

      • Mini Power Angle Broom

      • Mini Power Tiller

      • Mini Rod Bucket

      • Mini Rotary Tiller

      • Mini Skid Steer Hitch

      • Mini Snow/Light Material Blade

      • Mini Stump Grinder

      • Mini Trencher

      • Mini Utility Spade

    • Maintenance Tips                                                                                      

      • Make sure pins are greased at all times

      • Check the tracks; proper tension is vital to optimal performance

      • Keep the undercarriage clean

      • Check engine oil, hydraulic fluid and radiator

      • Clean debris from radiator and oil cooler areas

      • Drain water and sediment from the fuel filter

      • Lubricate lift arms, cylinders, wedges, rollers and idlers

      • Check parking brake, safety lights

  • Wheel Loader

    • Essentially a front finish heavy loading machine. The wheel loader digs materials from the ground and drags them to the dumping area.

      • Two types:

        • Tyre Mounted

          • More popular; movable and rapid

        • Track Mounted

          • Helpful in the loading of sharp edged material; increased traction

    • Attachments

      • General Purpose Crawler Dozen Bucket

      • General Purpose Wheel Loader Bucket

      • Wheel Loader Blade

      • Wheel Loader Jib Boom

      • Wheel Loader Root Rake

      • Wheel Loader Rock Sorting Bucket

      • Wheel Loader Snow Bucket

      • Wheel Loader Snow Bucket

      • Wheel Loader Extreme Service Retro-Fit Grapple

    • Maintenance Tips

      • Check engine oil on a daily basis

      • Remove dust and debris from cylinders

      • Grease all pins and bearings

      • Inspect the cooling package

      • Inspect the lift arms for damage

      • Ensure the bucket is clean and clear

      • Check tire pressure

      • Clean cab regularly to maintain a safe environment

  • Front Finish Loader

    • Also known as a bucket or scoop loader; used for snow removal, dirt removal, farming & construction sites. Its wide square bucket tilts to capture the dirt or to dig out an area. The bucket is a removable attachment so it then can be used as a forklift.

    • Attachments

      • Bale Clamp

      • Barrel Handler

      • Forklift

      • Flat Rock Bucket

      • Front Hitch

      • Heavy Duty Asphalt Cutter

      • Heavy Duty Dirt/Snow Blade

      • Heavy Duty Snow/Grain/General Purpose Bucket

      • Hydraulic Pallet Forks

      • Landscape Tree Spade

      • Load-Haul-Dump Bucket

      • Manure Scoop Style Rake

      • Pallet Forks

      • Post Puller

      • Receiver Hitch with Ball Hitch

      • Receiver Hitch with Crane Boom

      • Receiver Hitch with Pintle Hitch

      • Rock Pick

      • Self-Dumping Hopper

      • Single Bale Spear with 2 Jabbers

      • Spade Nose Rock Bucket

      • Snow Blizzard

      • Square Bale Grapple

      • Super Land Plane

      • Triple Bale Spear

      • Utility Bucket with Medium Duty Grapple

      • V Snow Plow

    • Maintenance Tips

      • Maintain buckets correctly; grease regularly, turn or replace wear plates on the front regularly, use proper bucket for the job

      • Use brakes properly and declutch; do not over apply brakes, declutch effectively

      • Save the clutch; overusing the clutch causes unnecessary wear and tear

      • Warm up before operation; warm up according to the manufacturer’s instructions before use

      • Follow good shut down procedures; give the engines the correct amount of time to idle and cool down before shutting down

      • Take care of the tires; use differential locks to spin tires, properly inflate

  • Skid Loader

    • Also known as a skid steer loader; heavy engine driven, compact machine with lift arms. This machine can turn around in an area regardless of its length, allowing for use in small spaces.

    • Attachments

      • Bale Spears

      • Barrier Lifts

      • Buckets

      • Dozer Blades

      • Grapple Buckets

      • Harley Rakes

      • Hydraulic Augers

      • Hydraulic Brush Cutters

      • Forestry Mulchers

      • Pallet Forks

      • Post Drivers

      • Root Grapples

      • Snow Removal Equipment

      • Rotary Brooms

      • Trench Diggers

      • Tooth Bars

      • Vibratory Rollers

    • Maintenance Tips

      • Check main fluid levels – hydraulic oil, engine oil, fuel and windshield wiper fluid; refill as needed

      • Check safety signs and other safety equipment

      • Check for leaks

      • Check fittings at all pivot points throughout to be sure they are lubricated and functioning properly

      • Check the fan and A/C belts for tension, condition and presence

      • Inspect air filters/cleaner; replace if needed or clean if heavily soiled

  • Backhoe Loader

    • Primarily little in size, ideal for small construction projects. This machine is a loader in the body of a tractor, with a bucket or shovel in the front and a little backhoe in the back.

    • Attachments

      • Augers

      • Brooms

      • Buckets – Backhoe Front

      • Buckets – Backhoe Rear

      • Compactors

      • Couplers – Backhoe Rear

      • Hammers

      • Rippers

      • Snow Plows

      • Snow Pushes

      • Thumbs

    • Maintenance Tips

      • Check the cutting edge of the bucket for wear; replace as necessary. Make sure all bolts are still tight and intact

      • Check any component that makes contact with the ground for wear, specifically the bucket pins, swing pins and backhoe hoses

      • Check the boom and stick for leaks and wear, make sure all bucket teeth are all there with retainer pins

      • Check under the machine for leakage

      • Make sure the air filter is in good condition

      • Inspect the tires to check the pressure and for any cuts

      • Check the coolant and windshield washer levels, top them if needed

      • Make sure engine oil and hydraulic fluid is clean

      • Ensure proper greasing and recommended grade of grease

Compatible Attachments

  • Attachment Brackets: Allows easy and fast attachments interchangeably.

  • Forks:

  • Grapples: Used to handle and sort wood and stems.

  • Loader Buckets: Use in a large range of soil conditions and for all rehandling, loading, carrying, leveling or tunneling jobs.

  • Material Handling Arms: Permits the machine to pick, transport and handle a large assortment of objects or tools.

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Common Loader Manufacturers

  • AGCO

  • Allied

  • Bison

  • Bobcat

  • BradCo

  • Bush Hog

  • Case

  • Caterpillar

  • Doosan Infracore

  • Ford

  • Frey

  • Hitachi

  • Hyundai

  • JCB

  • John Deere

  • Kawasaki

  • Kioti

  • KMW

  • Komatsu

  • Koyker

  • Kramer

  • Kubota

  • Larsen & Toubro

  • Legend

  • Leon

  • LeTourneau

  • Liebherr

  • LiuGong

  • Manitou

  • Massey-Ferguson

  • McCormick

  • Miller

  • Navistar International

  • New Holland

  • Quicke

  • Rhino

  • Stoll

  • Volvo Construction Equipment

  • Wacker Neuson

  • Wallenstein

  • Westendorf

  • White Woods

  • Yanmar

  • XCMG


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