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     Dave Steiner grew up farming on an Allis Chalmers WC in the 1950's.  During his high school years, he began fixing up tractors and reselling them.  After high school, Dave started his own salvage yard and farmed to work his way through college.  He attended and graduated from Michigan State University with an Agricultural Engineering degree. 

      Over the years, he noticed that certain parts on tractors always wore out and the supply of used parts could not meet the demand.  So Dave began building "new parts for old tractors", starting with the Allis Chalmers B manifold.  The increasing demand for other manifolds and parts soon became apparent.  Dave's small business grew very quickly when he and his wife, Sue, offered a small 4-page flyer.  Today, Steiner Tractor Parts has grown to a 656 page catalog with over 6,000 parts, displaying our commitment to keep old tractors alive and preserve our agricultural heritage.


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1660 SOUTH M13, LENNON, MI 48449



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