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    Article by Tim Wentz
    Field Director / Legislative Committee Chairman, NEDA


    It has been a busy month!
    We continued our legislative advocacy work in support of Right-to-Repair legislation in NY, MA, VT, NH and NJ. We participated in several committee hearings in these states by offering testimony, drafting several amendments to multiple bills, conducting numerous visits with legislators and their staffs, and organizing and supporting dealer contacts with legislators and their staffs. We will not know until all the states have completed their legislative sessions where “things” will ultimately shake out. What we do know is that we are most effective when we have the financial resources necessary and dealers who are actively engaged in the legislative process at all levels. Take time, reach out and communicate with your legislators, invite them to your dealership(s), attend town hall meetings, etc.! Few legislators understand what your dealerships do, your impact on the local community, the economy and your customers, what changes you face and, more importantly, what impact their actions have on your dealerships!
    In D.C., the next Farm Bill remains an issue as legislators try and deal with Dairy and commodity supports, work requirements, etc. What role Ag will play in Trade policy, what impacts tariffs may have on our manufacturers, their pricing, policies and production are all issues of concern. Legislators and their staffs (many of whom are under 30 and have, little if any, Ag background) genuinely want to hear from us. They want to know your concerns and priorities – they want to add you to their list of subject matter experts!
    We have lots of good news on the Work-force development front. Our outreach to DOD and related veteran organizations has been very productive. Those contacts, along with your participation in our surveys, are helping us build educational tools and resources you can use to locate, hire and train well-qualified veterans. The Ag Technician Apprenticeship program continues to move forward thanks to the dedicated work and support of the participating dealers! We have completed the list of required competencies/skills and begun building the written and hands-on testing modules. In addition, we continue to pursue resourcing of related training and have applied for, and received, two grants which will help us offset expenses related to the program development and implementation. We hope to enroll our first candidates in either late spring or early summer.
    Please help us spread the good news and encourage your fellow dealers to join and support your association’s work!

    This article is from our partners with the Northeast Equipment Dealers Association

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