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The trailer is your workhorse to hauling and transporting a variety of goods and materials. Whether you’re hauling cars, heavy equipment, livestock, etc., Lancaster Farming Locator can help you find a quality trailer to haul and protect whatever it is you’re hauling. Because a trailer can be used in many ways, it’s important to keep in mind that dimensions and weight capacity vary amongst each one. With a variety of trailers available, we will help you find one that meets your needs and your budget.

Types of Trailers

-          Cargo; transports goods, livestock and other items from one site to another. The cargo trailer is generally attached to some type of conveyance in order to manage transferring the load from one site to another.

-          Drop Deck; carries and hauls freights that cannot be carried or transported on your typical flatbed.

o   Maximum drop deck trailer length: 48ft. – 53ft.

o   Maximum drop deck trailer width: 8.5ft.

o   Maximum legal freight height: 10ft.

o   Maximum weight: 48,000lbs

-          Equine; used to transport horses. These types of trailers are offered in many different designs and sizes. Smaller units are ideal for holding two to three horses and can be pulled by a pickup truck or even an SUV. The gooseneck design is capable of carrying six to eight horses, and are typically pulled by 1-ton dually-style pickups.

o   Sufficient headroom for horses must be provided; at least 75cm above the height of withers

-          Flatbed; typically used to haul building materials that are off-loaded with forklifts, or large bulky items such as heavy construction equipment that will not fit in dry vans.

o   Maximum flatbed trailer length: 48ft.- 53ft.

o   Maximum flatbed trailer width: 8.5ft.

o   Maximum legal freight height: 8.5ft.

o   Maximum weight: 48,000lbs

-          Livestock; hauls cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, etc. This trailer typically has two different levels, sometimes three, in order to maximize capacity.

o   Weight and height limits: may vary depending upon state

-          Lowboy;

o   Maximum lowboy well length: 24ft. – 29.6ft.

o   Maximum lowboy well height: 18in. – 24in.

o   Maximum legal width: 8.5ft.

o   Maximum legal freight height: 11.5ft. – 12ft.

o   Maximum legal overall load height: 14ft.

o   Maximum weight: 40,000lbs for a 2-axle lowboy trailer, additional weight of up to 80,000lbs depending on the number of axles used

-          Tanker; usually used to haul liquids and gases such as gasoline, heating oil and propane. Some types of tankers can be used to carry dry bulk freight such as grain.

-          Other…

Towing Accessories

-          Receiver Hitches

o   Ball Mounts

o   Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring

o   Front Mount Receiver Hitch

o   Hitch Balls

o   Trailer Receiver Hitch

o   Weight Distribution

-          Fifth Wheel Hitches

o   Fifth Wheel Hitch

o   Fifth Wheel Hitch Adapters

o   Fifth Wheel King Pin

o   Fifth Wheel Wiring

-          Gooseneck Hitches

o   Gooseneck Balls

o   Gooseneck Hitch

o   Gooseneck Hitch Adapters

o   Gooseneck Wiring

-          Towing Performance

o   Backup Cameras

o   Brake Controller

o   Custom Towing Mirrors

o   Transmission and Oil Coolers

o   Vehicle Suspension

-          Towing Components

o   Electrical

o   Hitch Adapters

o   Pins & Clips

o   Trailer Breakaway Kit

o   Trailer Couplers

Trailer Towing Tips

-          Check bolts, fasteners, hitch, tires, lights and brakes prior to towing

-          Tires should be carefully inspected, especially after long storage. Dry rot is the #1 failure mode for trailer tires

-          Before connecting, check the hitch components to be sure they match, and be sure the hitch is then securely connected

-          Ensure the load is distributed evenly on the trailer for stability reasons

-          Do not overload the trailer, stay within proper capacity limits

o   For stability, the trailer should be loaded with 10%-20% of the gross trailer weight on the tongue

-          Allow added distance for acceleration and braking

-          Allow more girth around corners, take them wide

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-          Clement Industries

-          Con-way Manufacturing

-          Cottrell

-          Doepker Industries

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-          East Manufacturing Co.

-          Felling Trailers

-          Fontaine Trailer Company

-          Great Dane Trailer

-          Heil Trailer International, Co.

-          Hyundai Translead

-          Kentucky Trailers

-          Kidron

-          MAC Trailer Manufacturing

-          Manac

-          Pitts Enterprises

-          Polar Tank Trailer

-          Reitnouer Inc.

-          Stoughton Trailers

-          Strick Corporation

-          Talbert Manufacturing

-          Timpte Inc.

-          Towmaster Trailers

-          Trail King Industries

-          Trailmobile

-          Transcraft Trailers

-          Travis Trailers

-          Tremcar Inc.

-          Utility Trailer

-          Vanguard Trailers

-          Wabash National

-          Western Trailers

-          Wilson Trailer

-          XL Specialized Trailers Inc.

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